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40 years with you…

The charm of the Adriatic Coast are always in simple things: the smiles, the colors of the sand and sea, the work of people who grew up with the values of hospitality.

The history of the family Gessaroli and Rinaldi was born so. Ms Elena, since the 70s, decides to handle the small guesthouse Amedea, carried later by his daughter, Anna, and son, Maurizio. The limited space of the first activity and positive feedback from customers led the Gessaroli & Rinaldi family to choose a larger and comfortable place: the Moby Dick Hotel, built in 1962. The building, purchased and extensively renovated since 1992 today, it maintains the family firm charm while looking forward.

For 40 years, with customers of Moby Dick and guesthouse Villa Amedea, we have built a relationship over time, in many cases, it has become something more.

The choice, constant, was to give up the de-custom logic of new tourist resorts and hotels "by the offer more attractive," to prefer, still, the human and direct relationship with the person.

This is because what we strongly try to do first, is to make you feel guests rather than customers, and make you feel at home rather than in holiday.


Thanks to these minutes,

  • Beach with beach lounger and sun umbrellas reserved at Beach Carlo 87


  • Drinks at meals with ALL INCLUSIVE

  • Wide selection of dishes of meat and fish

  • Car park

  • City-bike trails

  • Room with balcony, TV, telephone-clock, hairdryer, air conditioning

  • Entertainment for young and old at the Beach and Hotel

  • Central air-conditioned rooms

  • Lift

  • Children's area, reserved for children with games.

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